Free Classroom Incentives  

Are you looking for a classroom incentive program to be part of your positive behavioral support and intervention strategy? Looking for a program that will help increase your students’ motivation to stay on task and remain eager to learn? Wanting classroom incentives that are no cost to you?

The Daily Mile can help with all of those things! It’s free to join, and it will stay free forever!

What is The Daily Mile?

It’s a brain break that also includes physical activity. Students and their teachers get outdoors for 15 minutes of daily physical activity. Kids do The Daily Mile at whatever activity level they can – running, jogging, walking or rolling.

The Daily Mile is a positive behavioral support strategy in several ways. One way is that it gives teachers the option to reward their students with a reward or incentive. Incentives are a great way to increase students’ motivation to exhibit positive behavior in the classroom and to reward students for academic achievements with difficult course material.

Is there a student who has gone above and beyond that day helping a classmate or completing a hard lesson? Is there a student who is in need of a little bit of extra encouragement? Recognize their achievement or their determination with a small, no-cost incentive using the Classroom Rewards Coupons. Some examples from the coupons include the opportunity for the student to run errands for the teacher that day. Another lets a student work on an assignment with a friend. The document also includes blank pages so that you can create your own rewards! Be creative! You know your students and what they like best!

Does your positive behavior support strategy include the opportunity to reward the entire class for a job well done?

The Daily Mile Classroom BINGO is a great option! Have the class pick one of the options on the BINGO card out of a jar and then try to complete it during that day’s Daily Mile. Fill up a row (or the entire card!) and then give each student a reward.

Do you have students who are always going above and beyond with kindness and caring in the classroom? The Extra Mile Note Home, in English and Spanish, are a great way to show those students that you recognize them. Provide the students with an incentive when they take home a certain number of notes in a given period. These notes also give teachers the opportunity to build relationships with their students’ parents. Rather than only hearing from the teacher when there is bad news or a problem to be dealt with, these notes encourage positive communication and community building between the teacher, the students, and their parents or guardians.

Try The Daily Mile as part of your positive behavior intervention and support strategy. Invite other classrooms in your school join the movement as well. We support you as you work to make sure your students grow into happy, healthy, successful individuals!