I Said “No”

I hate it when that monster rears her ugly face. When the clean laundry has been sitting in the dryer for days. Dirty laundry is all over the bathroom floor. We’ve got a toothpaste party happening in the sink. Let’s not forget the milk carton returned to the fridge with literally two sips left. Oh, spoiler alert: the milk is spoiled, too. And everyone wants to play a game of Jenga with the trash because if you don’t make the tower tumble, then you apparently don’t need to take it out.

That’s when I snap. Inner Medusa fury upon the household. “I said no you can’t play Minecraft! Clean your room! Are you seriously watching football? That toilet is destroyed!”

Remember Rage Face?

Yup. That’s her.

And yeah…she’s crazy. It’s taken years to learn how to control her. Because the truth is, when I spit positivity instead of spite, our home is way more peaceful.

And I want that more than anything for my family.

“Yes, you can play Minecraft. But your room is a bit messy. How about I help you clean it up?”

As a parent having grown up in a household with strict rules and minimal communication, it’s tempting to use an authoritarian approach with my own kid. But I don’t like being yelled at or caught off guard – so why subject the people I love most in the world to this? Generational disfunction must end.

That’s why I think it’s important to find opportunities to come to agreements. Just like finding opportunities to agree to students requests can boost engagement in learning.

Hope you’re finding ways to say “Yes” in your Daily Mile.

Jessie Ard

Senior Communications Coordinator

The Daily Mile USA