Positive Behavioral Support Strategy

The Daily Mile is a Positive Behavioral Support and Intervention strategy.

Teachers and students struggle when behavioral issues arise at school. In the past, schools have reacted to these issues. But by reacting, students don’t learn the skills to correct their behavior. The Positive Behavioral Support and Intervention Strategy (PBIS) offers teachers proactive tools. PBIS promotes positive behavior as a proactive response to intervention. PBIS asks schools to teach positive behavior skills to students. But how can they do this? That’s where The Daily Mile comes in.


What’s The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is a solution for Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions Strategies. This sustainable initiative was created by an elementary school principal and her students. The Daily Mile is a physical activity where kids run, jog, walk or roll for 15 minutes outside during the school day. All schools, daycares, homeschools, and remote learners can take part in The Daily Mile. Signing up is free, and members can access exclusive resources!

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The Daily Mile is a Positive Behavioral Support Strategy in the following ways …  

 Routines: Students’ daily routine influences the quality of their learning. Routines allow students to thrive during times of uncertainty or stress. The Daily Mile can integrate into any block or period schedule. This 21-Day Tracker helps kids form The Daily Mile habit as it becomes part of their routine.

 Take a Break: Allowing students to rest before or after difficult subjects is another PBIS strategy. University research shows The Daily Mile improves emotional wellbeing and academic performance. Students return to class focused. As a result, teachers experience fewer class interruptions.

 Assign a Job: Classroom jobs build confidence, responsibility, and independence. Encourage leadership with your students by assigning (and rotating) jobs throughout the year. Signup to access a free printable jobs list for students to do during The Daily Mile.

 Set the Example: Show and communicate the behavior you expect from your students. Encourage empathy, compassion, and compromise with the Kindness Calendar. Challenge students to complete all 30 kindness acts. Acknowledge positive behavior to encourage other students to mimic that behavior.

 Give a Reward: Rewards are an effective way to encourage continuing positive behavior in the classroom. But they don’t have to cost teachers any extra money, or hassle. The Daily Mile offers printable Classroom Reward Coupons that won’t cost teachers anything. Set clear and realistic goals for how students can earn these rewards. Consider sending a Good Note Home as a reward as well. (Also available in Spanish).


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