The 21 Day Daily Mile Habit

21 Days of The Daily Mile will make it a habit

Scientific studies have shown that three weeks, or 21 days, is the typical amount of time needed to make something into a habit.

After 21 days, students and teachers start to feel the benefits of The Daily Mile. They start to crave the movement and the chance to get outdoors for that extra 15 minutes. It gives them a chance to experience nature. It gives them the brain break they need. And it gives their bodies’ extra physical activity. The Daily Mile is also a relationship builder. It gives teachers the opportunity to check in with their students. They can form relationships away from the classroom. It’s the perfect habit to start!

What’s The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is 15 minutes of physical activity. Every day, students and their teachers go outdoors to take part. They can run, jog, walk, or roll – whatever works for them.

To help keep the habit up, The Daily Mile has a 21 Day Tracker. After doing The Daily Mile, kids can color, check off, or put a sticker over each shoe on the tracker. Then ask yourself …

 Has the habit of The Daily Mile stuck after the 21 days? Do your students now ask you when it is time for The Daily Mile?

What about class morale, focus and attention? Do you notice a difference after making a habit of The Daily Mile?

Have your students noticed their bodies getting stronger along with their brains?

See how the class has improved over that time using the Class Evaluation. Now that the 21 days of The Daily Mile have made it a habit, it will be easy to keep going!

Having friends be a part of your goals and habits is another way to make sure they last. Sharing goals with a friend increases the chance of completing them. Seventy percent of participants in a study who told someone about their goal achieved it. That’s compared with 35% of those who kept their goal to themselves. (Dominican University of California)

Since The Daily Mile is a relationship builder, it’s a great place for students (and teachers) to set goals. Have your students share a goal they have while you are doing The Daily Mile. Ask them about their progress on a regular basis. Celebrate when you or one of your students achieves their goal.

Need ideas about how to celebrate a job well done?

You can send your student an Extra Mile Note Home in ether English or Spanish. Or, let them pick a reward from the Classroom Rewards Coupons.

Invite other classes in your school, or neighboring schools, to join The Daily Mile. Let them know it only takes 21 days to make it a habit and see the positive results and benefits too.