The Daily Mile is a 15 minute physical activity


Getting outside for 15 minutes of physical activity every day has many benefits.

Students that do 15 minutes of physical activity every day learn better. They are better at staying on task. They are also better at coping with emotions like depression. Getting outside for 15 minutes of physical activity even improves executive functioning.

How can educators and parents make sure kids are getting that exercise on a daily basis? That’s where The Daily Mile comes in.

What’s The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is 15 minutes of physical activity done outdoors every day. It is a free and simple program for classroom teachers. An elementary school principal and her students created this sustainable initiative. Kids take part in The Daily Mile at whatever fitness level is comfortable for them. Running, jogging, walking, or rolling are all perfect ways to do The Daily Mile!

The program is for all students regardless of their school setting. Traditional schools, homeschools and daycares can all take part in The Daily Mile.

Teachers decide when to do The Daily Mile. The program provides the perfect opportunity for a brain break. The 15 minutes can be transition time between subjects, or at a specific point during the school day. Sample block and period schedules make it easy to decide when is best to do The Daily Mile.

But, it’s more than a brain break. A traditional brain break provides cognitive benefits. The Daily Mile provides social, emotional and physical benefits as well.

Others outside of the classroom even notice the changes in the students.

Andrew Benbrook works at Nelson Elementary in Texas. He is the Physical Education and Health Specialist there. He has seen a big improvement in the kids’ fitness levels when they come to PE. “That extra 15 minutes of jogging or running makes a difference,” he said.

Now his students tell him about the successes they are having with The Daily Mile when they come to his PE class. “They say, ‘Coach, I ran my Daily Mile for the whole 15 minutes today for the first time!”‘

“I am very grateful to The Daily Mile for bringing my students so much joy,” Benbrook said.

Introduce The Daily Mile to your school administrator or a fellow teacher. The program is easy to get up and running with the step-by-step Maps to Movement.

Join the movement. Make a habit of getting 15 minutes of physical activity every day. Happier, healthier, more engaged students will follow.