Challenge Badges

Dear Teachers,

Take care of yourself and your students by doing The Daily Mile. Choose from one of the new Challenge Badges below to encourage participation in a fun, free outdoor activity that improves physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Have students walk, jog, or run the distance from Anchorage to Miami. Or cover the length of the Mississippi River! Have students try running from the North Pole to the South Pole or complete 1000 Daily Miles!

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The Daily Mile Challenge Badges

The past few years have been challenging. As we adjust to a new normal, The Daily Mile is taking steps toward promoting teacher wellness. We know that just taking care of yourself is a challenge. But The Daily Mile is a simple way to get some much-needed movement, relaxation, and enjoyment in your school day. With the new Daily Mile Badges, teachers and students can finally enjoy a fun challenge that gets them outside. Unwind from classroom stressors, and motivate yourself and your students to take part in The Daily Mile.

There’s a challenge that’s just right for everyone, whether you want to take part as a whole school, a few classes, a single class or even set a challenge for individual children to complete.

Don’t forget to sign up your school for The Daily Mile to get access to more fun challenges and resources! 

Join the movement!

You could choose to complete 1000 Daily Miles, run from Anchorage to Miami, or cover the length of the Mississippi River. Are you willing to take on our biggest challenge, running from the North Pole to the South Pole?

Just follow these simple steps to start a challenge in your classroom:

  1. Click on the links below and choose your challenge.
  2. Print off a poster, look at a map of the route, and tell your students all about their challenge. Use the badge on your school newsletter or website, or display it in class.
  3. Do The Daily Mile – 15 minutes of fast walking, jogging, running, or rolling per child can count as “1 mile” – and start to work towards your distance. You decide how you record the miles your children complete – keep it simple.
  4. When your students have completed the challenge, provide them with the completion certificate below.

Please share your challenges on social media using #DailyMile.

1000 Daily Miles Challenge:

1000 Badge  1000 Poster   1000 Certificate

Pole to Pole Challenge:

Pole Badge  Pole Poster  Pole Certificate

Mississippi River Challenge:

Mississippi Badge  Mississippi Poster  Mississippi Certificate

 Anchorage to Miami Challenge:

AK to FL Badge  AK to FL Poster  AK to FL Certificate