School Spotlight: Elmwood Elementary in Lima, Ohio!

Elmwood’s 600 students have really embraced The Daily Mile.┬áThe school, which includes students in kindergarten through second grade, started with the program in September 2021. They are going strong and the teachers are already seeing changes in the kids’ energy levels and ability to focus during class.

“My son is very energetic and I think The Daily Mile has helped him focus longer in the classroom,” one parent said.

The weather in Lima can be a little bit unpredictable, but that hasn’t dampened the kids’ spirits. Earlier in the school year, “some were apprehensive about going outside when it wasn’t sunny, but now the kids look forward to running in the rain,” teacher Heather Kholi said.

In January, the students once again embraced the opportunity to run their Daily Miles in the cold when Elmwood held a school-wide Daily Mile Day.

“I like running in the cold because it wakes me up!” one student said.

Moving forward the school will host an all-school Daily Mile Day at the end of every quarter. The kids love to be with friends from other grades, and Elmwood’s teachers feel that running an all-school Daily Mile on a regular basis really helps keep up their motivation with the program.

“I like being able to run during the all-school Daily Mile because I can tell that I am getting faster,” a student said.