Teach children obesity not inevitable – medics

Source: ITV News

Date: 11-October-2018

Children should be taught that obesity is not inevitable, medics have said as they called for better food education for youngsters. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh said that change is needed to tackle the damaging effects of poor diet and obesity. The College said that obesity “is not inevitable” in a statement as it called for better education to tackle the issue early on.

Professor Derek Bell, president of the college, said: “Many of the health problems associated with obesity can be avoided altogether. Government must work closely with schools, food agencies and supermarkets to ensure that healthy choices are available from early age to adulthood.”

One initiative that could help tackle the growing obesity crisis is more investment in food education, the college said. It said that such education could focus on healthy food choices and exercise and potentially avoid the complications associated with excess weight later in life.

College fellow Dr Mark Kroese added: “By intervening earlier, we can reduce occurrences of medical problems and give children in particular a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight, as they progress to adulthood. The College wants more government investment in schools to help children learn about healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and to enable them access to their five-a-day of fruit and vegetables. Initiatives such as The Daily Mile and school running and exercise clubs should also be encouraged, promoted and supported.”

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