The Daily Mile is movement-based education with a focus on SEL opportunities

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In the small district of Harrington Park, in Bergen county, a movement is afoot. This movement, a free initiative that came to our shores via the U.K., combines movement-based education with opportunities to improve student and staff social and emotional learning. Best yet, it is accessible to all and can be done in as little as 15 minutes, three times per week.

In fact, turn up to Harrington Park School in the morning—or really any part of the day—and you will be amazed at the flushed little faces racing around the back field, alongside their teachers, enjoying the sunshine. The buzz is palpable. Whether students run the whole time is completely up to them. As individuals, groups or with staff, they choose the level of intensity in a manner that not only works on physical fitness but boosts their brain performance and gives extra opportunities for social interaction during the school day.

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