Joining The #DailyMile isn’t just free—it’s like gaining a new support system! Once you’re part of The Daily Mile Community, we’ve got your back. Our team at Daily Mile USA is all about supporting you with a range of free services. Check them out below!

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What The Daily Mile Team can do for you … 


 Professional Development

Bill Russell is our Program Manager extraordinaire! With a background as a former teacher and administrator, he’s got the expertise to elevate your campus. Dive into his presentation, then hit us up to discover how Bill can spice up your professional development—for FREE!


 Custom Resources

We keep our schools pampered with fresh and fun digital downloadable printables all year long. Plus, when you join the movement, you gain access to our Exclusive Daily Mile Schools Resource page! But hey, we’re all about making each school feel extra special. That’s why we’re here to whip up custom resources just for you! Whether it’s snazzy loop signs, vibrant school posters, certificates, or something entirely unique, count on us to lend a hand. Drop us a line anytime at!


 Event Support

For schools that really go the extra mile (pun intended), we’re all in for providing support in any way possible. Whether you’re planning a District-Wide Daily Mile like Shawnee School District in Ohio, or aiming to integrate The #DailyMile into your Field Day activities like Parker Elementary in Texas, we’re here to lend a hand! Just give us the scoop on what’s brewing, and we’ll brainstorm how we can assist you. Reach out anytime at!


  Global School Twinning Program

Joining The Daily Mile opens doors to connections with over 20,000 schools globally! This offers countless opportunities for your students to make friends across the world. Imagine becoming pen pals, sharing projects, and exchanging ideas with a school halfway around the globe! You’ll broaden your students’ horizons, foster empathy, and expand their network. Our team will facilitate the initial connection, finding the perfect match based on your school’s vision for twinning. Get ready to embark on an enriching journey of cultural exchange and friendship and contact us at!



It’s true. We LOVE giveaways! We love to spoil our amazing #DailyMile students and teachers whenever possible. Back in 2023, we showered schools across the nation with a whopping $50,000 in cash prizes, all thanks to our incredible sponsor, INEOS! And guess what? In 2024, we’re keeping the generosity flowing with $24,000 up for grabs—that’s $1,000 each for 24 lucky teachers. Who knows what surprises we have in store for 2025? Stay tuned!