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Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® is a strategy for schools Pre-K through university that promotes meaningful social inclusion by bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities. Through a partnership with the Daily Mile, the organizations will help educators emphasize the implementation of inclusive sports and fitness through Unified PE, a component of Unified Champion Schools.

In addition to physical activity, Unified Champion Schools provides leadership and whole school engagement opportunities for students – resulting in school environments that promote inclusion and respect for all. As many as 3.6 million young people are taking part in inclusive experiences through Special Olympics.

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Click here to download the Special Olympics Daily Mile partnership flyer. Click here to read the official press release.


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What is The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is a life-changing opportunity for children and the adults who lead them. It is a solution to healthier, happier, more engaged students! The Daily Mile is a whole-child movement that takes kids outdoors to run, jog, roll or walk for 15-minutes each day. But it’s so much more than that. Created by an elementary school principal and her students, it is proven, effective, and sustainable. The Daily Mile is free for your school family … forever. Watch the video above to learn more! Watch this to learn more!


Here’s why your school should join the movement  …

You experience fewer interruptions as kids return from The Daily Mile more focused and eager to learn.

Your students improve their social-emotional well-being. They improve their ability to manage emotions, set & meet goals, foster positive relationships, and make good decisions.

Classroom management plans improve! You save valuable classroom instruction time with this proactive Positive Behavior Support and Intervention Strategy. This leads to better behavior, more time on task, and happier teachers.

Your students improve their academic achievement. Problem-solving, focus, concentration, and memory improves with this physical activity.

Classroom and campus morale increases as teachers connect with students outside the rigors of class.

You are the educational professional. You get to decide the best time for your class to feel the benefits of The Daily Mile. Overall teacher wellness improves, too!


What do other teachers say about it?

Listen for yourself to what current Daily Mile teachers say about the movement. We’ll give you a hint: they love it and you will, too!


Join the movement!


How can you start The Daily Mile at your school? Easily!

  • Talk to your school PE teacher, principal, or district superintendent.
  • Sign up with The Daily Mile to access exclusive resources and get your school listed on the community map.
  • Use the Implementation Guides for a simple, step-by-step plan for success!
  • See how The Daily Mile can easily fit into your class schedule.
  • Visit the FAQs for more information.



Classroom Resources


Challenge kids to Do The Daily Mile with the Athlete Challenge. Try it for 4 days, then 8 days, and build up to 14 days. After they have successfully completed the challenge, print the Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal certificate to celebrate their achievement!

Challenge kids to train to become an athlete by making The Daily Mile part of their routine! Download and print this 14-Day Tracker. Have your child or student color, check off, or put a sticker over each medal when they complete The Daily Mile that day. 

Check your child’s or student’s progress with the Weekly Self-Assessment. Have kids draw a mark under each category to show how well they perform: Good (Bronze), Better (Silver), or Best (Gold). Kids should complete the assessment after doing The Daily Mile at least three times in one week with the goal of continuing to improve themselves!


Check out the Resources page for more fun printables to help you start The Daily Mile!