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Children and the adults who lead them are the heart and soul of The Daily Mile. Read real stories of success and learn why so many people have joined the movement. You may also view our Case Studies. We can’t wait for you to join, too!

  • Administrator & Staff from the Galveston ISD

    Special Thanks To …

    • Hope Chambers – Third Grade Teacher, Parker Elementary School
    • Shara Archer – Registrar, Parker Elementary School
    • Jack Curran – P.E. Coach, Parker Elementary School
    • Kim McDougald – Curriculum Coordinator, Parker Elementary School
    • Samatha Caruso – First Grade Teacher, Parker Elementary School
    • Liz Murphy – Principal, Parker Elementary School
    • The entire staff and all students of Parker Elementary School!



  • Principals



    “The Daily Mile has provided an opportunity for students to socialize outside of the classroom. Due to COVID-19, the classroom is very structured to provide as much social distancing as possible. The Daily Mile moves students outside where it is safer to be together. Students look forward to getting out and walking and running with their friends and their teacher. It also benefits students who need to move. Students are not free to walk around the classroom as they were in the past. The Daily Mile provides much needed movement for these students. Our students look forward to participating in The Daily Mile each day.”

    – Sherri Blackburn, Principal, San Leon Elementary School

  • Teachers

    “We had a student come into our class right before we went out for vacation, and she was very quiet. During The Daily Mile, the other students instantly went up to her and grabbed her hand to invite her to walk with them. And now I really notice her coming out of her shell and we have continued to do The Daily Mile.”

    – Ms. Kimberly McIntosh, 1st Grade Teacher, Parker Elementary, Galveston, TX


    “My students have seen tremendous growth academically since starting The Daily Mile. It definitely helps them stay more focused on learning. The Daily Mile has really given us a better connection as a class. I would encourage any teacher to start doing The Daily Mile.”

    – Ms. Jasmine Lister, 1st Grade Teacher, Parker Elementary, Galveston, TX


    “The Daily Mile really allows the students to come back into class with a clean slate because they have been able to open up about their emotions during our walk.”

    “I have a student that came into my class from another classroom, so when he first joined us it was difficult for him to adjust. We started doing The Daily Mile and now he runs with the other kids and has a whole new group of friends in our classroom. I really think The Daily Mile helped him develop those friendships and taught him how to talk with friends outside of the school setting and the classroom.”

    “The main thing that the teachers at our school love about The Daily Mie is that we can come outside and get to know our kids better. In the classroom, it is hard to have those one-on-one conversations. I feel like the higher the relationship is with the kids, the more likely they are to follow directions and listen to you, so I think it helps with behavior especially.”

    – Ms. Samantha Caruso, 1st Grade Teacher, Parker Elementary, Galveston, TX


    “Our leadership only allowed us a 10 minute extra outdoor time, and by the end of the year, our 2nd graders out ran the 5th graders by over a mile during our school wide Move-A-Thon. The evidence was all the other grades needed to implement The Daily Mile the following year.”

    Edna Iglesias, Teacher, Seattle Public Schools

  • Social Emotional Learning Specialists

    “Walking is great for our physical health, and our brains and bodies are connected. Being able to do The Daily Mile during the day means that teachers and students are getting the physical activity they need which is releasing those endorphins and all of those happy chemicals that increase positive emotions. And feeling positive emotions makes the brain more open to learning. I love how the teachers and students get to connect when doing The Daily Mile. They can build closer relationships by just being outside the classroom and just talking about something other than math, reading, or science. That is what creates a sense of belonging and connectedness and togetherness in our communities. That’s what we need more of for not just mental health but for the whole child’s wellbeing.”

    Watch Marisa’s full video here!

    – Marisa Bible,  SEL Specialist, Galveston Independent School District, Galveston, TX



  • Physical Educators & Coaches

    “This year was a great success in class! We had the whole class and parents on board. At the start of the year I was frustrated at the schedule for the day … 6-year-old children having to go straight from lunch to an hour and a half of math before recess. So I introduced The Daily Mile, which I had done in my school in England. There was a noted improvement in focus, attention and happiness towards math from all the kids. They loved it, it improved their mental wellbeing, happiness and fitness!”

    -Jake Roberts, Stallings Elementary Teacher, North Carolina


    “While The Daily Mile is done by classroom teachers, I see a big improvement in the kids’ fitness when they come to my PE class. That extra 15 minutes a day of jogging or running really makes a difference. It makes me happy when the students come up to me in the hallway and say ‘Coach, I ran my Daily Mile for the whole 15 minutes today for the first time!’ I am very grateful to The Daily Mile for bringing my students so much joy.”

    – Andrew Benbrook, Nelson Elementary PE Specialist


  • Students


    “It’s so much fun to run with all my friends at school!”
    – Student, Shawnee Elementary, Lima, Ohio


    “I like running in the cold because it wakes me up.”
    – Student, Shawnee Elementary, Lima, Ohio


    “The Daily Mile helps us keep up our energy so we can learn faster.”
    – Student, Parker Elementary, Galveston, Texas

  • Parents


    “My daughter loves The Daily Mile and comes home and tells me how she was able to help students who are sad that day.”
    – Parent, Lima, Ohio


    “My son is very energetic and I think The Daily Mile has helped him focus a little longer in the classroom.”
    – Parent, Lima, Ohio

  • Health & Wellness Professionals

    “Running is unique in that we can each pursue a personal best, yet be completely supportive of our friends pursuing their own goals at the same time.

    I love running because of the cooperation. Running is a small world, where everything is pretty awesome. Yes, during a race there can be competition. But after the race, a laugh, a cool down jog, and a relaxing drink are wonderful. All are internal reasons why I love running, but the external reasons are more important and meaningful to me now.

    Running connect us to our community and to nature. For young people, it offers purpose and structure. Its adventure, it’s speed, it’s simplicity at it’s finest. Running rewards you with self awareness of your limitations and strive you to do better.”

    -Dr. Carlos Campos  M.D, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics
    Pediatric Cardiovascular Staff Texas Children’s Hospital


    Lynn Schorn

    “As a Physical Therapist for 39 years, I prescribe movement for health and well-being. We have scientific evidence that movement increases mental function by increasing oxygenation to the entire body, including the brain. Exercise and movement increases productivity in every work place.  It used to be routine, that children participated in P.E. (physical education) as part of a regular school day curriculum.  Somehow, that has decreased throughout the United States…  and now we have more and more challenges with childhood obesity, depression, suicide, and behavioral classroom challenges.

    What if … participating in walking, jogging or running a Daily Mile could and will reverse these crises among our youth? Wouldn’t that be a simple solution?  I am ‘all in’ on this one. Let’s get our youth moving!”

    – Lynn Schorn, Physical Therapist, Washington State