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The Daily Mile At Home

The Daily Mile At Home Family Challenges

The Daily Mile at home experience is up and running!  Let’s keep moving with these fun, healthy Daily Mile challenges from May 11 thru July 2.  Remember to stay safe and keep others healthy by following your local COVID guidelines.


  • What is The Daily Mile At Home?

    The US is starting to see the first signs of returning to a “new normal” after government officials have warned us to “stay home, stay safe” during the coronavirus pandemic. Health officials still remind our communities to continue practicing safe social distancing, however, the country is beginning to see people return to the great outdoors to complete their Daily Mile.

    We’re working with our fantastic partners at London Marathon Events to create fun, educational, family-friendly challenges you can do at home to stay active and healthy! Challenges will run from May 11 through July 2.

    Click here to download a copy of all the Challenges.

    We’d love to see you doing The Daily Mile, so be sure to post on social media using #DailyMileAtHome, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Week 1 Challenges - May 11-14

    Wear Blue Challenge: Show your support for healthcare workers, first responders and everyone on the front lines by wearing blue! Be sure to post your pictures on social media and add #DailyMileAtHome.


    School Shirt Day Challenge: Show your school spirit by wearing your favorite school shirt when you complete this week’s #DailyMileAtHome. Show us your school spirit by posting a picture on social media.  Be sure to tag your friends and tell us what your favorite part of your school is.


  • Week 2 Challenges - May 18-21

    Hopscotch Challenge: Create your own hopscotch diagram that you’re using while doing #TheDailyMileAtHome. If you’re looking for some more ways to have fun at home, check out this Home Obstacle Course video by our friends at The ICAN Foundation! 


    Red, White, and Blue Challenge: Remember and honor those who have sacrificed this upcoming Memorial Day by wearing your best red, white, and blue on today’s #DailyMileAtHome walk, run, or jog. Be sure to tell us about the special men and women in your family who have served in the military.


  • Week 3 Challenges - May 26-28

    Healthy Hands Challenge: Whether you’re doing The Daily Mile inside your home or taking a walk around the block, be sure to wash your hands extra well when you’re done. Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer if you have it! Check out how our wonderful Sponsor INEOS is stepping up to help hospitals through the US. 


    The Daily Mile with Fido Challenge: Bring your furry friend on this week’s #DailyMile workout and show us your photos on social media. We can’t wait to see all those fun, furry faces! 

  • Week 4 Challenges - June 1-4

    Sunscreen Challenge: This week, we’re challenging you to wear sunscreen. Show us what your favorite sunscreen brand is before you step outside to finish your #DailyMileAtHome.


    The Daily Mile Smile Challenge: We miss your beautiful faces! Show us those big smiles while you complete today’s #DailyMileAtHome by posting a photo on social media.


  • Week 5 Challenges - June 8-11

    Water Bottle Challenge: It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially as we enter into the warm summer months. Boost your hydration with this week’s Water Bottle Challenge while walking, jogging, or running during your #DailyMileAtHome. Show us your empty water bottles and let us know how much water you’ve had this week.


    Eat the Rainbow Challenge: Did you work up an appetite after walking or running your way through this week’s #DailyMile? We challenge you to eat three healthy foods that are colors found in a rainbow. For example: purple grapes, yellow bananas, and red apples. Let’s see those plates of colorful, nutrition foods!


  • Week 6 Challenges - June 15-18

    Safety Sports Equipment Challenge: What’s your most-used sports safety equipment? Is it a helmet? A Mouthpiece? Gloves? Elbow Pads?  Post a picture on social media and let us know what piece of equipment you use the most to stay safe while playing sports. Also, be sure to learn more about what our friends at The Sports Institute are doing to expand participation and safety in sports! 


    Sunglasses Challenge: The future looks bright with summer just ahead! Show us the fun, strange, colorful, beautiful, and awesome sunglasses that you’re wearing this week while completing #TheDailyMileAtHome.



  • Week 7 Challenges - June 22-25

    Wear Pink Challenge: Show us your favorite pink shirt! We bet our friends at Go Run For Fun would do a great job at this challenge!  


    A Tip of the Hat Challenge: Show us your favorite hat  that you wear while doing The #DailyMileAtHome. 


  • Week 8 Challenges - June 29-July 2

    Shadow Challenge: Don’t just leave your shadow lying about when you’re outside completing the #DailyMile! Be sure to capture it in a photo and post it online!


    Two More Days Till The Fourth Challenge: It’s almost the 4th of July! Aren’t you excited? We sure are! Show us how you’re getting prepared to celebrate with a photo of the shirt you’ll wear, foods you’ll be making, BBQ you’ll be grilling on, etc. Happy almost 4th of July!


That's a wrap, folks! Thank you for participating in The Daily Mile At Home Challenges!