Core Principles

By embracing the three Core Principles of The Daily Mile, you can unlock its full potential. With adaptable strategies to overcome barriers, The Daily Mile can truly make a difference on your campus. Discover below how this initiative can optimize learning and foster connection. To get started on preparing your pilot, read more below.

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1 15 minutes of outdoor movement

The Reason Why: Outdoor movement has a positive impact on mental health. Plus, research proves that just 11-20 minutes of moderate exercise (walk, jog, run) releases dopamine and builds brain cells!
Adaptations: Check the weather daily and bring The Daily Mile outdoors only if it’s unsafe.
Friendly Reminders: Making a route with multiple laps allows all kids a chance to enjoy themselves without any pressure to win or lose. Try not to worry about counting laps – it’s all about keeping things simple, social, and fun. Remember, time is more important than distance. Check out Coach Durand from Ambassadors Preparatory Academy in Galveston, TX, walk you though how to set up a great Daily Mile route!
Tips & Tricks: Learn more here!


2 3 to 5 times per week during the school day

The Reason Why: The Daily Mile helps refocus attention thereby improving the quality of teaching minutes. Three to five times/week also helps to meet CDC exercise goals and builds good health habits for a lifetime. Additionally, scheduling The Daily Mile during the school day (rather than before or after) gives all children a chance to participate, which is essential to help build connections.
Adaptations: Find where The Daily Mile best fits into your school schedule in terms of time and frequency. Some schools have found that starting the day with The Daily Mile has had a positive impact on attendance.
Friendly Reminders: The Daily Mile should be an opportunity for all kids to enjoy movement, rather than a punishment or chore. Completing The Daily Mile with consistency fosters its cumulative health benefits and a positive attitude toward physical activity.
Tips & Tricks: See how other schools schedule The Daily Mile into their school day!


3 Building connections

The Reason Why: Connecting with students allows teachers to make a bigger positive impact on their lives. Classroom connections improve classroom management and school culture. ​
Adaptations: Prioritize connections and use any fun curriculum to support those connections. See how The Daily Mile helps teachers remember their reason for teaching here
Friendly Reminders: When it comes to building relationships, it’s crucial to be present and engaged. As a teacher, it’s okay to take the full 15 minutes to walk and talk with your students. Stay involved and see the amazing connections you’ll make!
Tips & Tricks: Visit the Exclusive Member Resources for fun ways to use The Daily Mile to connect with students. 



Join the movement!

Running is unique in that we can each pursue a personal best, yet be completely supportive of our friends pursing their own goals at the same time.

Dr. Carlos Campos, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics, Texas Children's Hospital