The Daily Mile works wonders. Its real magic lies in bringing people together. These are the true stories of connection, community, and leadership. Classrooms have united around movement. They are healthier because of it. We hope you find inspiration from these dynamic individuals. Then come join our wonderful community.

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Hero Huddles
Sherrie Drake | Whittier Elementary School | Windfield, Kansas

Sherrie Drake is the PE Coach at Whittier Elementary in Kansas. She’s on a mission to help her students for a lifetime! Last year, they got the whole school to participate in The Daily Mile. Every Monday, they kick off the week with a short assembly to set a goal for the month’s character trait. Then, they head outdoors as a whole school for a 15-minute walk.

On Tuesdays, they have their “Hero Huddle.” Students from each grade level get together to chat. Afterwards, they walk for 15 minutes. This gives students a chance to talk about what they discussed and anything else that comes up.

The other days, each classroom teacher takes their kids out for a 15-minute walk or run. They even have Buddy classes where the younger and older kids pair up to walk together. For example, the Kindergarten and 3rd Grade classes walk together once a week. Sherrie saw amazing results in her students. Real leaders bloomed through these experiences. 

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Role Models
Heather Davis-Kohli | Shawnee Elmwood | Lima, Ohio

Something magical happens every fall at Shawnee Elmwood Elementary School. They kick off The Daily Mile! Students and staff alike burst with excitement as they anticipate this whole-school event. The older students showcase their leadership skills. The little ones enjoy their mentor. Together, they strive to complete their 15 minutes of movement. Talk about a confidence boost!

But that’s not all. Shawnee took it to the next level. They built a district-wide community through their Daily Mile. The High School students enjoy connecting with their past. It’s a heartwarming sight to see the high school role models leading by example. Everyone feels involved. This is community, wellness, and inclusion in action.

Some kids race around their Daily Mile path. They learn that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go. What truly matters is supporting each other and having fun. The community celebrations have become a huge hit. It’s safe to say that this tradition will continue for many years to come!

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Class to Community
Amy Hathaway | Plato Elementary School | Plato, Missouri

Once upon a time, there was a bubbly kindergarten teacher named Amy who had a brilliant idea. She decided to bring The Daily Mile to her class. Amy’s class loved The Daily Mile so much that they ended up doing it for 100 days in a row! To celebrate their achievement, Amy shared some adorable photos with The Daily Mile. Then, the success made it to social media. Little did she know that a member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (PCSFN) named Rob Wilkins would see the post.

Rob was so impressed by Amy and her class. He decided to send the class a special commemorative PCSFN coin to congratulate them on their achievement. This made Amy’s students feel super special and proud of themselves.

As the school year was coming to a close, the Plato School District decided to join in on the fun and organized an all-district Daily Mile. It included daycare, preschool, and K-12 students! Amy was thrilled to see her idea spreading across the district. And so, with a little idea and a lot of determination, Amy brought joy and health to her school community.

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