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Daycare centers and preschools can give toddlers the chance to develop healthy habits for a lifetime with The Daily Mile. This whole-child movement is free, simple, and fun. Join the movement and get The Daily Mile started at your childcare center today!

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Whole-child Health for Toddlers in Daycares & Preschools

It’s easier to help children develop healthy habits at a younger age than it is to change unhealthy behaviors later in life. In terms of healthy physical activity, toddlers (ages 3-5) should be engaged for at least 60 minutes a day. That’s where The Daily Mile comes in.

The Daily Mile is a life-changing opportunity for children and the adults who lead them. It is a solution to healthier, happier, more engaged students! The Daily Mile is a whole-child movement that takes kids outdoors to run, jog, roll or walk for 15-minutes each day. But it’s so much more than that. Created by an elementary school principal and her students, it is proven, effective, and sustainable. The Daily Mile is free for your school family … forever. Watch the video above to learn more! 

The Daily Mile helps children to …

   Enhance fitness & improve heart health

   Promote a healthy body composition

   Support self-esteem and happiness

   Reduce anxiety and increases confidence

   Improves focus and concentration

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Redirect High-Energy Levels in a Positive Way

The Daily Mile allows daycares and preschools to redirect the high-energy levels of toddlers in a positive way. This structured activity supports gross motor skill development through running and walking. In addition, the initiative supports social-emotional development in toddlers by helping to form positive relationships!

Try The Daily Mile with just one class and experience the benefits. Watch it grow to the whole center!


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Daycare & Preschool Resources

The free resources below will help you seamlessly integrate The Daily Mile into your childcare center. Be sure to join the movement to access exclusive member-only resources! Visit the FAQs for more information.

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