Give teachers a reason to stay

Help teachers rediscover the joy of teaching and prevent burnout through The Daily Mile. This fun, FREE, and simple initiative increases teacher retention rates and improves school culture. Learn more below!

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Teachers are leaving

An astonishing 55% of educators are ready to leave the profession they love earlier than planned, according to the NEA. Teachers are quitting in record numbers for a number of reasons including overwhelming stress, student behavior, and administrators putting Bloom before Maslow.


The Daily Mile gives teachers a reason to stay


The Daily Mile creates healthy school environments. The daily outdoor movement of The Daily Mile …

Is a self-care strategy that battles teacher burnout.

Helps teachers rediscover the joy of teaching by giving them a chance to connect with their students. 

Gives teachers a better teaching environment where kids are more successful and focused.

Is a social-emotional tool that improves positive relationships and teamwork.

Teachers that do The Daily Mile agree

Hear from more teachers who remembered their “why” through The Daily Mile.


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What is The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is a life-changing opportunity for children and the adults who lead them. It is a solution to healthier, happier, more engaged students! The Daily Mile is a whole-child movement that takes kids outdoors to run, jog, roll or walk for 15-minutes each day. Watch how to do The Daily Mile!

But it’s so much more than that. Created by an elementary school principal and her students, it is proven, effective, and sustainable. The Daily Mile is free for your school family … forever. 

The Daily Mile serves nearly 4 million children in 85+ countries. It is in 49 states in the USA including rural, suburban, and urban schools. The Daily Mile is open to all schools of every socioeconomic status including public, private, charter, and home schools. Check out the Global Map and follow these Core Principles for success!

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 The Daily Mile is always … 

  100% Free

  Simple – no training, prep work, or equipment required

  For Everyone –  all children run, jog, roll or walk at their own pace

  Fast – just 15 minutes of the day


The Daily Mile is never … 

  A running program


  About distance or miles

A replacement for PE or Recess. Learn why!

  A punishment. The Daily Mile is a gift for teachers and their students!



How do I start The Daily Mile at my school district? 

  • Join The Daily Mile Movement Here  to access exclusive resources and get your district listed on the community map.
  • Talk to your school teachers. Try The Daily Mile with just one class and experience the benefits. Watch it grow to the whole school and then the whole district.
  • Work with a teacher or PE teacher to implement a pilot. Use the Implementation Guides for a simple, step-by-step plan for success!
  • Check out the Resources page for more free tools.
  • Visit the FAQs for more information.