Teacher Wellness

You know this. It makes a difference when you feel good about yourself and your job, when you have that class that just clicks, and when you feel that your school leaders support you and care about you personally.

Your wellness is linked to stability in schools, how effectively you can teach, and your students’ achievement.

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Teacher’s emotions and stress levels have been found to influence both students and other teachers. Teacher wellness is the foundation on which healthy school environment can flourish. Luckily, The Daily Mile is a free, simple solution that can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing – and that of your students, too.

Teaching under normal circumstances can be difficult, but now…

You are creating history by doing something that has never been done before – teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. You are:

  • Adapting to a new life
  • Grieving the loss of normal
  • Dealing with school/class closures
  • Developing new in-school and distance learning models
  • Adhering to mask requirements
  • Making accommodations for social distancing rules
  • Taking temperatures
  • Deep cleaning the classroom
  • And the list goes on…

We know you are exhausted, overworked, feel undervalued, and are responsible for dozens of tiny human beings for seven hours a day, 180 days a year.


How you spend time

That’s why The Daily Mile isn’t just for your students, but for YOU too!

For students to be successful, teachers must be taken care of. The Daily Mile is a free solution that gets you and your students outside to walk, run, or jog for 15 minutes during the school day. It’s so simple! You can sign up today and start tomorrow.

The Daily Mile makes less work for teachers, not more!

  • The Daily Mile burns off excess energy so students return to class focused and eager to learn.
  • The Daily Mile allows time for relational connections, which can save time when reengaging students during instruction.
  • The Daily Mile is a refresher in your day that comes easy. It’s free of lesson plans,  paperwork, equipment, and the computer screen.

Hear from teachers just like you who have benefitted from The Daily Mile!


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