Teacher Wellness

Help teachers re-discover the joy of teaching and prevent burnout through The Daily Mile.


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Teachers are leaving

An astonishing 55% of educators are ready to leave the profession they love earlier than planned, according to the NEA. Teachers are quitting in record numbers for a number of reasons including overwhelming stress, student behavior, and administrators putting Bloom before Maslow.


The Daily Mile gives teachers a reason to stay

The Daily Mile creates healthy school environments. The daily outdoor movement of The Daily Mile …

Is a self-care strategy that battles teacher burnout.

Helps teachers re-discover the joy of teaching by giving them a chance to connect with their students.

Empowers teachers by giving them the decision as to when their class does The Daily Mile.

Gives teachers a better teaching environment where kids are more focused.

Is a social-emotional tool that improves positive relationships and teamwork.


Teachers that do The Daily Mile agree

“The Daily Mile helps us to build relationships.” – Teacher, Parker Elementary, Galveston, TX

“The Daily Mile definitely helps the students calms down after they come back from lunch, and they look forward to it every day.” – Teacher, Parker Elementary, Galveston, TX

Hear from more teachers who remembered their “why” through The Daily Mile.


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