The Daily Mile is a free and simple children’s health initiative that involves preschool and elementary school children running or jogging for 15 minutes every day. We’ve put together a range of free resources below which we hope you will find helpful when implementing The Daily Mile.

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Currently, over three million children worldwide are benefiting from The Daily Mile. Enjoy the FREE print-and-play resources below to help you incorporate The Daily Mile into your classroom culture and curriculum! Sign up your school today to experience ALL of these amazing benefits of the program!

   Your students will improve their physical and mental health, emotional, and social health and wellbeing.

   Your school can experience the all the benefits of The Daily Mile without spending any money. It’s FREE!

   Teachers can teach with less class interruption as students return from The Daily Mile more focused and eager to learn.

   School morale will increase as The Daily Mile allows teachers to connect with students outside the rigors of class, and helps build healthy relationships.

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Classroom & Teacher Resources

My Daily Mile Journal of Joy  My Daily Mile Journal of Joy – Spanish

Extra Mile Note Home  Extra Mile Note Home – Spanish Mood Meter

21 Day Tracker Tracker Poster Class Bubble Poster Daily Mile Clock

Stay Safe Poster  Stay Safe Poster – Spanish  Class Reward Coupons

Class Rules Poster  Class Banner  Bookmarks 2021 Calendar

New Years Board Book  Bingo – Schools  Bingo – Blank

Athlete Challenge  Kindness Calendar   Winter Activities



COVID-19 Resources for Schools

Stay Safe Classroom Poster  Stay Safe Classroom Poster – Spanish

The Daily Mile for Mental and Emotional Health  Free Resources for Schools during COVID-19

Social Distancing for Current Daily Mile Schools  Social Distancing for Prospective Schools

Remote Learning Guide  What is The Daily Mile?  My Daily Mile Journal of Joy


Daily Mile Success Stories

Parent Success Story  Teacher Success Story  Principal Success Stories


The Daily Mile School & Community Resources

Flyer  Welcome Pack  Setting Up Guidance  School Risk Assessment

Letter For Teachers  What Staff Say  Letter For Parents   What Children Say

Case Studies Videos Core Principles The Daily Mile Presentation

Why It Works   Keeping The Daily Mile Fresh   CDC Guidelines Supported by The Daily Mile

Block and Period School Schedules  Letter To Admins From Teachers  Class Evaluation

Fueled and Fit Challenge  Map to Movement – PE Guide



Parent & Home Resources

The Daily Mile at Home  The Daily Mile at Home – Spanish

21 Day Tracker  My Daily Mile Journal of Joy   My Daily Mile Journal of Joy – Spanish

BINGO At Home  Athlete Challenge



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