The Daily Mile is a free and simple children’s health initiative that involves preschool and elementary school children running or jogging for 15 minutes every day.  Enjoy free printable resources below to help you integrate The Daily Mile into your organization.

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Currently, over three million children worldwide are benefiting from The Daily Mile. Enjoy the free print-and-play resources below to help you incorporate The Daily Mile into your classroom culture and curriculum!

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Schools, daycares, homeschool & remote learners are all welcome to join The Daily Mile Community.


   Kids will improve their physical and mental health, emotional, and social health, and wellbeing.

   Your organization can experience all the benefits of The Daily Mile without spending any money. It’s FREE!

   Teachers can teach with less class interruption as students return from The Daily Mile more focused and eager to learn. Hear from teachers just like you!

   School morale will increase as The Daily Mile allows teachers to connect with students outside the rigors of class, and helps build healthy relationships.



Classroom & Teacher Resources

My Daily Mile Journal of Joy  My Daily Mile Journal of Joy – Spanish

Extra Mile Note Home  Extra Mile Note Home – Spanish Mood Meter

21 Day Tracker Tracker Poster Class Bubble Poster  Class Reward Coupons

Class Banner  Bookmarks  Bingo for Schools  Athlete Challenge  Kindness Calendar

CDC Guidelines Supported by The Daily Mile   Block and Period School Schedules  Class Evaluation

Daily Mile Destinations  Maps to Movement



Teachers   PE Teachers   Principals   Superintendents

Counselors   Health Educators   Parents

General Flyer  General Flyer- Spanish




We love seeing schools creating new and exciting resources that contain our brand. However, please note that “The Daily Mile” name and logo are both trademarked. This means before anything is printed, distributed, or shared online, it must be approved in writing by a member of The Daily Mile Foundation.

If you would like to use our trademark, please contact us at

For a brief overview, please see the Brand Guidelines Quick Facts sheet. Or, you may also download the complete Brand Guidelines here.