Parents of homeschoolers can give their children the chance to develop healthy habits for a lifetime with The Daily Mile. This whole-child health initiative is free, simple, and fun. Signup your homeschool today!

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“My son is very energetic and I think The Daily Mile has helped him focus a little longer in the classroom.”

– Parent, Lima, Ohio


A Whole-Child Movement for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling comes with many benefits, but one of the best is flexibility. Parents and their children have the luxury of deciding when to tackle certain subjects and when it’s time for a brain break. And The Daily Mile is a perfect solution to keep homeschoolers happy and active. Children ages 6-17 should do 60 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.  Just by making The Daily Mile part of your homeschool routine, your child will satisfy a quarter of those minutes.


What’s The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is a life-changing opportunity for children and the adults who lead them. It is a solution to healthier, happier, more engaged kids! The Daily Mile is a whole-child movement that takes kids outdoors to run, jog, roll or walk for 15-minutes each day. Done at least three times a week, your child will experience amazing benefits like improved physical, mental, emotional, and social health. It’s simple, effective, and free! Watch this to learn more and join the movement today!

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Improve Health, Focus, & Relationships

The Daily Mile is an all-inclusive initiative that families can start at home today. By doing The Daily Mile, your child will …

   Enhance fitness & improve heart health

   Promote a healthy body composition

   Support self-esteem and happiness

   Reduce anxiety and increases confidence

   Improves focus and concentration


These 15-minutes give parents and their children the opportunity to reconnect and improve communication with quality, side-by-side conversation. Try doing The Daily Mile with your homeschoolers. Studies suggest that it takes about 21 days to form a habit. Join the movement, and try The Daily Mile for 21 days to experience the benefits for yourself and your family!


Free Homeschooling Resources

All homeschools are welcome and encouraged to join The Daily Mile community! Parents will access exclusive member-only resources. And don’t worry. We will never spam you or sell your information to third parties.

Flyer for Homeschoolers

21 Day Tracker

My Daily Mile Journal of Joy 

My Daily Mile Journal of Joy – Spanish


Athlete Challenge


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