The Daily Mile At Home

Being active shouldn’t stop at home. Join the movement to keep our kids healthy with The #DailyMileAtHome.

Remember to stay safe and keep others healthy by following your local health guidelines.

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Why Do Parents Need The Daily Mile At Home?


What is The Daily Mile At Home?

The #DailyMileAtHome is simple, free, all inclusive, and effective. No special equipment is required. No memberships are needed. It’s just a pledge to spend 15 minutes each day running or jogging.

According to recent studies, roughly 70% of parents are concerned for their child’s mental health. In addition to improved physical health, and mental focus, friends and families who run together also see the benefit of building better memories and spending time with one another.

Anyone can join movement including you, your family, your dog (The Daily Mile is pet-friendly!), your neighbors, your friends from church, homeschooled children, and daycare centers.

When the time is right and schools adjust to the “new normal,” please consider helping to bring The Daily Mile to your child’s school. Learn more about how you can change lives, boost your resume, network, and have fun by becoming a Daily Mile Champion.

Be sure to also check out The Daily Mile’s sister program, Mission: Kids Fit For Life for some kid-friendly, Special Agent Missions that teach children how to live a healthy and active lifestyle!


The Daily Mile At Home and COVID-19

The Daily Mile is safe for families to participate in, so long as they practice safe social distancing while outside the home. Always adhere to government guidelines by staying six feet apart (about two arms’ length) from other people outside of your household.¬†After you return to your home, be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

If you or your child is sick, be sure to stay home. The Daily Mile can wait until you’re feeling well again!

Learn more about staying safe and healthy at


How do I get my family to join The Daily Mile At Home movement?

Here are some fun and simple tips to encourage your family to join the #DailyMileAtHome movement today!

  • Start a running log: A small notebook works great. Include dates, times, and distances. Track each family member’s progress!
  • Offering an incentive: It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift … maybe an extra 30 minutes of screen-time, or letting them pick dinner. Offer something special to your family.
  • Play “I Spot”with your family: Assign points to objects and use mental math to keep track for an extra brain booster during your daily run! (Ex: Butterfly =5 points, Yellow Flower = 10 points,¬† Shaped Cloud = 20 points)
  • Let go of the pace pressure: Let each member of the family start off at their own pace and build up when you all start running. Support each other along the way!
  • Change up your routine: Try an early morning or evening run. Run in a new place. Change the pace. Play a new game! Make it fun and interesting!
  • Invest in some new running gear: Investing in new gear doesn’t have to be expensive or just about shoes. Try a new pair of shorts or a new running shirt. Think of things your family will want an excuse to use or wear and have fun!


The #DailyMileAtHome Challenges

Throughout the year, The Daily Mile will prepare fun, educational, family-friendly challenges that you can do at home to stay active and healthy!

We love seeing your #DailyMileAtHome photos and videos on social media, so be sure use the hashtag above and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

See below for a list of our past challenges, and check back soon for new challenges each season!