The Daily Mile At Home

Being active shouldn’t stop at home. Join the movement to keep our kids healthy with The #DailyMileAtHome.

Remember to stay safe and keep others healthy by following your local health guidelines.

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Why Do Parents Need The Daily Mile At Home?

Kids are becoming less and less active. Join The Daily Mile movement to keep our kids healthy.

What is The Daily Mile At Home?

The #DailyMileAtHome is a pledge to spend 15 minutes each day running or jogging. It’s simple, free, all-inclusive, and effective.

Anyone can join the movement including you, your family, your dog (The Daily Mile is pet-friendly!), your neighbors, your friends from church, home-schooled children, and daycare centers.

The Daily Mile At Home and Remote Learning

This year many districts are offering parents a choice between keeping their kids at home and sending them back to school in person. Remote learning delivers a curriculum to children by teachers through online learning programs. The transition to this new learning model can be stressful for both children and parents. In addition, the hours of workload will no doubt have children searching for a daily brain break. Luckily, The Daily Mile is a free, all-inclusive program that families can start at home today as part of their remote learning program. And the benefits are simply amazing…

  • Improved focus, concentration and behavior
  • Improved communication – This short exercise offers the opportunity for quality side-by-side conversations between parents and children. Click here for some conversation topic ideas!
  • Improved physical health

Studies suggest that it takes about 21 days to form a habit. Join the movement, and try The Daily Mile for 21 days to experience the benefits for yourself and your family!

Here are some fun and simple trips to encourage your family to join the #DailyMileAtHome movement today!

  • Play BINGO: Download and print a free copy of The Daily Mile at Home Bingo Game to add even more fun to fitness!
  • Start a running log: A small notebook works great. Include dates, times, and distances to track each family member’s progress!
  • Offer an incentive: It doesn’t have to an expensive gift, but offer something special to your family. Maybe an extra 30 minutes of screen time, or letting them choose what’s for dinner.
  • Play “I Spot”: Assign points to objects and use mental math to keep track for an extra brain booster during your daily run., (Ex: Butterfly = 5 points, Yellow Flower = 10 points, Shaped Cloud = 20 points)