St. Michael Special School Daily Mile Story


In the bustling St. Michael Special School filled with happy students and curious minds, there was a little girl who saw the world differently. 


Her days were a kaleidoscope of challenges, where the letters on pages seemed like an unsolvable puzzle. But a glimmer of hope emerged during The Daily Mile—a routine where teachers took their students outdoors for movement and connection. On her way to do The Daily Mile, she began to notice letters hanging up in the hallways. Although she couldn’t make sense of the letters within the classroom setting, with each step, she began piecing together the alphabet. She made a connection between the world she struggled to decipher and the one that awaited her understanding. 


The journey of doing The Daily Mile transformed into a journey of discovery, one filled with purpose and pride. Her teachers were inspired by her progress and decided to do more. This spring, they will post words along the hallways, hoping this walking connection will help her learn how to read! 


Your school can be a part of this incredible journey, too. Join The Daily Mile movement and aid exceptional children like this little girl. You’ll pave paths where boulder-sized barriers become mere stepping stones. You’ll transform more lives and create stories of triumph where every child, regardless of their challenges, can find their place in this world. And best of all, The Daily Mile is 100% Free for your school family … forever!


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See The Daily Mile in action at St. Michael Special School