The Daily Mile and Special Olympics Partner to Promote Year-Round Inclusive Physical Activity

The Daily Mile partners with Special Olympics


Washington, D.C. – Oct. 24, 2022 – Special Olympics and The Daily Mile are partnering to increase awareness of the importance of inclusive physical activity and health promotion in schools. Through the new collaboration, educators will emphasize the implementation of inclusive fitness, a component of the Unified Champion Schools® program. In addition to physical activity, The Unified Champion Schools program strategically provides leadership and whole school engagement opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities (ID).

The Daily Mile is a whole-child health movement. It brings children together to run, jog, roll or walk outdoors for 15 minutes each day. Children and their teachers get healthier. Relationships flourish. Classroom management and academic performance improve. Today, over 3 million children across 14,000 schools globally are now running a mile a day.

Multiple scientific studies have shown that The Daily Mile improves fitness and allows teachers to develop trusted relationships with students. Additionally, children achieve more at school and report feeling calmer and happier with better focus and mental wellbeing. We want to get 10 million children around the world doing The Daily Mile by 2032, and together we will make this happen.

– Elaine Wyllie, Founder of The Daily Mile

The partnership allows The Daily Mile and Special Olympics to collaborate to offer trainings and share resources that promote physical activity, social and emotional learning, and health promotion year-round.

For years, The Daily Mile has been focused on the relationship between improving fitness and promoting positive social interaction, making this partnership a natural fit for us. We both understand the necessity for lifelong health and physical literacy, which has a direct correlation to overall student wellness and outcomes that positively impact the culture of the school.

– Andrea Cahn, Vice President of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools 

Educators are encouraged to integrate The Daily Mile into current Unified Champion Schools® programming, such as Unified fitness clubs. Visit to learn how your school can promote inclusion with The Daily Mile. To learn more about the partnership, contact Sean Nevills, Manager, Fitness & Health in Schools of Special Olympics at

About The Daily Mile 

The Daily Mile is a 15-minute investment in the school day. The benefits build success with each individual and the overall campus. Teachers love the easy as 1,2,3 simplicity along with the improved classroom performance. Children love the way it makes them feel. The time to be a part of the Move to Movement is now. One step can lead to a lifetime of positive health habits.

Learn more at Contact Program Manager, Bill Russell, with any questions at

About the Unified Champion Schools® Program

The Unified Champion Schools® program is an initiative in 8,000 Pre-K through university across the U.S. that intentionally promotes social inclusion by bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities through Unified Sports® programming, inclusive youth leadership opportunities, and whole school engagement. The three-component model offers a unique combination of effective activities that equip young people with the knowledge, skills, tools and training to create classrooms and school climates of acceptance, respect, and meaningful inclusion. These are school climates where students with disabilities feel welcome and are routinely included in – and feel a part of – all activities, opportunities, and functions. The Unified Champion Schools program is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs and the U.S. Department of Education. Engage with us on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Learn more at

About Special Olympics

Founded in 1968, Special Olympics is a global movement to end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities. We foster acceptance of all people through the power of sport and programming in education, health, and leadership. With more than six million athletes and Unified Sports partners in over 190 counties and territories and more than one million coaches and volunteers, Special Olympics delivers more than 30 Olympic-type sports and over 100,000 games and competitions every year. Engage with us on: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and our blog on Medium. Learn more at