The Daily Mile helps teachers remember their reason for teaching

If you spend every day in the classroom, this scenario might sound familiar. You’ve got a classroom of 30 kids. Ten are ready to learn. Ten have an energy level so high they are almost bouncing off the walls. And 10 are falling asleep. Sound familiar?

You know that getting the right amount of stimulation is crucial for your students. They need time to reset. They need time to recharge. They need physical activity.

And, they need time to build relationships. As their teacher, so do you. You know that students who feel supported are better learners. And that support needs to come not only from you as their teacher but their peers as well.

Research shows that this can happen in 15 minutes a day a few times a week. With this short amount of physical activity relationships, moods, and cognition all improve.

And there are tons of physical benefits that come from this activity as well.

The Daily Mile is a fun, easy and free solution that…

  • Provides outdoor movement which promotes mental and social well-being
  • Gives structured time for building relationships leading to improved classroom culture
  • Gets students refocused, resulting in better learning and improved classroom management

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