The Daily Mile is a free physical education resource


Physical education has changed over the last few years. Budgets have gotten smaller. And some school districts have even eliminated their physical education departments.

But physical education doesn’t need expensive or extensive equipment to be effective. Studies show that walking every day provides several physical and mental health benefits. And walking is an activity that is free and simple to do.

Research shows that those who are active in childhood do better on logic tests later in life.

Physical education also doesn’t need a huge amount of space either. A simple field outside can provide everything necessary to get physical activity.

And you don’t have to do physical activity during a specific time of the day. Any time, morning, or afternoon, is perfect to get outside, get moving, and enjoy some fresh air.

Are you looking for ways to help your students learn to love physical activity? Check out some fun, free printable resources!

  1. The 21 Day Tracker provides motivation to get moving and keep the habit of daily exercise up.
  2. To incorporate some fun into your daily dose of physical activity, use this BINGO
  3. The Kindness Calendar features discussion questions and activities. These help your class engage with one another as they stay active.
  4. Incorporate teaching your students responsibility with physical activity with Classroom Jobs.
  5. When it’s kept up, daily physical activity will become a habit with your students. Then you can invite them to challenge themselves using the Athlete Challenge.

All these resources work with The Daily Mile. The Daily Mile is a simple, easy, and free way to get 15 minutes of outdoor physical activity. It’s a turnkey program for classroom teachers, administrators, and parents. Kids take part in The Daily Mile at whatever fitness level is comfortable for them. Running, jogging, walking, or rolling are all perfect ways to do The Daily Mile! Learn more about this free initiative here.