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Hallfield Primary School Daily Mile

Fact File

  • Where we’re based: London, England
  • School roll: 520
  • A description of our school: Hallfield Primary School is a 2/3 form urban community school near Paddington, London. Within our school we have a very diverse, multicultural community ranging from Nursery up to Year 6. Despite our central London location, we are lucky to have landscaped grounds and large playgrounds where we can take part in our Daily Miles. All classes from Nursery to Year 6 take part in a Daily Mile session each day
  • Children in school doing The Daily Mile: The whole school
  • Where we run: Around the perimeter of our largest playground
  • When we started The Daily Mile: February 2016

Our Experience of The Daily Mile

As a class teacher and PE coordinator, I have seen huge changes in some of the children I have taught thanks to The Daily Mile. Most noticeably, it has enabled children to understand the value, benefits and enjoyment of regular physical activity and fitness. They have become a lot more aware of how their bodies are reacting to the exercise and how to improve their fitness. The Daily Mile has helped many children, who perhaps find PE lessons difficult, to gain confidence around physical activity as they can see that everybody can take part and that it is having a positive impact on their body and fitness. The children really enjoy challenging themselves to complete more and more laps within the time frame and having scheduled time do to it with their friends.

Multiple teachers across the school have commented on the positive effect that The Daily Mile has had on learning in the classroom as well as behaviour. This has been particularly apparent if the class’ session is within the middle of the morning or the afternoon where the 15 minutes of movement helps the children to be more focused when they return to their work in the classroom.

How We Link The Daily Mile To The Curriculum

The Daily Mile has been linked to the curriculum in numerous classes and we hope to keep extending these cross-curricular opportunities. Several classes have used the statistics from their Daily Miles as data for Maths and Science lessons. The children find it much more engaging to use their own data in learning such as drawing charts and graphs. I have also noticed how this cross-curricular practice further motivates the children to improve their effort and results in The Daily Mile.


What Do Our Children Say?

“It keeps your body healthy and makes you fit.” – Hanadi, Year 4

“It helps us refocus to our learning!” – Kaani, Year 4

“I look forward to improving my speed in running and my fitness.” – Lamia, Year 4

“I like it because it shows we can do running in any weather and any day at any moment!” – Mobasar, Year 4

“I love working hard during The Daily Mile to improve my fitness.” – Roven, Year 3

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