Students at Shawnee Maplewood take part in 1st ever Turkey Trot

SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP, OH (WLIO) – Around 400 Shawnee students gobbled up the steps to help get them ready for learning and have some fun too.

Every day, every class at the school takes a mile walk or run, but today they decided to add some holiday flavor and turn it into their first-ever Turkey Trot. The school has been doing The Daily Mile for about three years now, and the teachers have seen the benefits of getting their students up and active.

“A lot of times the kids need a brain break during the day. So this is a good way for them to get out and get some exercise, some movement with their friends and if they are a little chatty, it allows them to talk during that time too,” says Michelle Knippen, 3rd Grade Teacher Shawnee Maplewood.