Tips to gear up for a virtual education

This school year will be like no other as parents, kids and teachers gear up for education amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. Based on experiences this past Spring, educators know more about distance learning and how to help kids succeed. Parents or other caregivers (grandparents, etc.) will continue to play a big role as well. Here are some basic tips to help the (remote) school year get off to a good start:

Schedule breaks: Just like school, schedule brief breaks in between “learning blocks” of 30-50 minutes (or less for younger kids) with a longer break for lunch. Have 15 minute “movement breaks” as well during which your child can go for a walk, play outside, dance, etc. This short amount of activity has been shown to improve fitness as well as focus in school age kids. The “Daily Mile” program promoted 15 minutes of jogging or running daily for schoolkids pre-pandemic and is now encouraging similar “brain breaks” for kids learning from home. Look up “Daily Mile USA” or the “Daily Mile Ellensburg” Facebook page for more movement ideas.

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