Fresh Winds

Daily Mile teammate Sara and I are about to venture off to San Antonio for the Council for Exceptional Children Conference. To the organization’s credit, they’ve done a fantastic job using Whova to create an app-based platform for conference goers. Oh, and it has a Leaderboard. Attendees earn points for participating in the app. The most active members of the community get their name on the Leaderboard.

Enter my inner dragon of competitiveness.

You can earn points for things like answering polls or adding photos. For 500 points, you could share an article. I thought my fellow conference goers might be interested in this article. It’s a bit dated (from 2016), but still very relevant.

Six Reasons Outdoor Play Is Crucial For Children With Special Needs

As a mom, I agree with all these reasons. Disclaimer: my kid has not been diagnosed with special needs.

He did, however, come into my room last night. Then he farted. Then he laughed. Then he left. So, I guess he was a special kind of something I shouldn’t put in writing.

But anyway, go check out the article and see what you think.

Hope you’re enjoying fresher winds during your Daily Mile.

Jessie Ard

Senior Communications Coordinator

The Daily Mile USA