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Promotional Toolkit for Partners & Supporters

Tell your community about your organization’s partnership, support, or sponsorship with The Daily Mile using the resources below. These grab-and-go materials will help you spread the word about your organization’s dedication to childhood health and wellbeing. Copy and paste content into your existing digital communication messaging.

  • Social Media

    By partnering, supporting, or sponsoring The Daily Mile, your organization is helping to improve the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of children. Social media is fun, easy, and free way to highlight your organization’s active support of childhood health & wellbeing. Download this flyer and share it with your organization’s social media manager. Boost engagements and increase your social media presences with help from The Daily Mile USA!

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    Social Media Graphics
    Download and use the social media images below to showcase your organization’s collaboration with The Daily Mile.
    Partners: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    Supporters: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    Sponsors: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


    Social Media Posts
    To help jumpstart your social media sharing, please see the sample post ideas below for each platform. Be sure to select the relevant term(s) depending on whether your organization is a supporter, sponsor, or partner.

    1. Our organization knows how important it is to keep children active, happy, and healthy. That’s why we support/sponsor/partner with The #DailyMile! @TheDailyMileUSA
    2. One of the best ways to help children in the classroom happens outside of the classroom. We are proud to support/sponsor/partner with The #DailyMile. @TheDailyMileUSA
    Link to “Start Outside” Daily Mile Commercial:

    1. Our organization is ready to help get kids active and health with The #Daily Mile. Learn more at @thedailymileUSA
    2. We are working together with @thedailymileUSA to improve the mental and physical health of the next generation. #DailyMile #ChildrenFitForLife

    1. Our organization is proud to support/sponsor/partner with The #DailyMile. Over 3 million children around the world are getting active while improving their mental health. You can earn more at @thedailymileusa


  • Newsletters and Email

    Newsletters and emails are an efficient and effective way to communicate with your organization’s target audience members. They serve as an excellent tool to promote your products/services, announce company achievements, highlight special events, and more. Emphasize your organization’s passion for people by highlighting its active involvement in promoting childhood health & wellness. Copy and paste the descriptions below to include in your next newsletter.


    Article for Newsletter

    We know how important it is to keep children active and healthy. That is why our organization supports/sponsors/partners with The Daily Mile. This free program allows elementary school children and teachers to go outside for 15 minutes each school day to walk, run, or jog. Students enjoy the fresh air, and teachers enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with their students. Students return to class refocused and eager to learn. The time spent outdoors improves their physical and mental health, as well as their emotional wellbeing. We are proud to work with The Daily Mile!

    Learn more about The Daily Mile at

  • Press Release

    Partnership press releases are a great way to communicate the synergy between your organization and The Daily Mile. Press releases should communicate the reason for the partnership, the benefits to each party involved, and the concrete actions that will result from the partnership.

    Please contact Daily Mile Program Manager Bill Russell at if you would like to develop a partnership press release. You may also download and view a Partnership Press Release Sample. Please note: this press release sample serves as a template only. Please do not issue a press release until one is approved by The Daily Mile.

    We look forward to working with you!

  • Stay In The Know

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  • Logo Usage Guides

    We love seeing partners creating new and exciting resources that contain our brand. However, please note that “The Daily Mile” name and logo are both trademarked. This means before anything is printed, distributed or shared online, it must be approved in writing by a member of The Daily Mile Foundation.

    If you would like to use our trademark, please contact us at

    For a brief overview, please see the Brand Guidelines Quick Facts sheet. Or, you may also download the complete Brand Guidelines here.