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Earn Extra Entries!

Most of the ideas below were thought up by innovative teachers or were shared with us as examples. And these #DailyMile teachers have expressed interest in hearing from more #DailyMile schools about your experiences and creative solutions. To encourage this community spirit, we’re offering additional entries to the $24K in ’24 Giveaway for teachers who contribute their own ideas and experiences. Select any of the suggestions below or propose your own to increase your chances of winning! Send your entries to or see Sending Large Files at the bottom of this page for more info.

  • Art

    ArtEncourage students to unleash their creativity by making artwork inspired by their Daily Mile. Submit copies or photos of their masterpieces and get extra entries. Don’t miss the chance to see amazing examples from a Daily Mile School in Lima, Ohio! You can use these writing prompts and templates or make your own.

    Earn 1 Extra Entry per each child’s art or writing masterpiece
    Limit 20 Entries Per Teacher



  • All Grade/School/District Daily Mile

    All Grade/School/District Daily Mile Get your school community moving with The Daily Mile! Host an event where everyone in the grade, school or district participates. It’s a great way to bring people together and promote healthy habits. Take photos or videos to capture the fun and share your success with us. Need inspiration? Check out page 4 of True Stories for an example of a successful District-Wide Daily Mile in Plato, Missouri.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries (Each submission must include at least 3 photos)



  • Evaluations & Surveys

    Evaluations & Surveys Take advantage of The Daily Mile’s evaluations and surveys to monitor the progress of your students. By submitting the results of either the Self-Assessment, 21 Day Tracker or Class Evaluation, you can earn additional entries. Teachers who complete The Daily Mile with their students are encouraged to complete and submit the Teacher Wellness Survey for even more chances to win.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries per evaluation or survey



  • How We Do The Daily Mile

    How We Do The Daily Mile Create a short video showcasing how your class participates in The Daily Mile. Send it in to earn extra entries!

    Earn 5 Extra Entries per video 



  • Local Coverage

    Local Coverage Encourage local media outlets to cover The Daily Mile program at your school or submit an article to a publisher or journal to raise awareness about the initiative and demonstrate your school’s dedication to student health. Follow the lead of Mark Torrie, a teacher who conducted his own Daily Mile research and had his article published in the New Jersey Education Association. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight your school’s commitment to promoting wellness among its students.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries per publication



  • Plan Your Route

    Plan Your Route Submit a blueprint or make a short video demonstrating your Daily Mile route. Tell us how you planned it, and what challenges you faced along the way.  What makes your route the perfect fit for your school? We can’t wait to hear all about it!

    Earn 5 Extra Entries per blueprint
    Earn 10 Extra Entries per video 



  • Quotes

    Quotes   Gather inspiring quotes from both students and teachers about how The Daily Mile is positively impacting their lives. You can use some of the suggested topics and questions to guide your collection process.

    Additionally, if you include photos of the individuals quoted, you’ll receive even more extra entries. When submitting the quotes, please send them as text in an email and attach the corresponding photos separately. Please remember to attribute each quote with a name, grade, school name, and city/zip as shown in the examples below.

    Earn 1 Extra Entry per Quote
    (Each quote must also include a photo) 
    Limit 20 Entries Per School



    “It’s so much fun to run with all my friends at school!”
    – Student, Grade 4, Shawnee Elementary, Lima, Ohio

    “The main thing that the teachers at our school love about The Daily Mie is that we can come outside and get to know our kids better. In the classroom, it is hard to have those one-on-one conversations. I feel like the higher the relationship is with the kids, the more likely they are to follow directions and listen to you, so I think it helps with behavior especially.”
    – Ms. Samantha Caruso, 1st Grade Teacher
    Parker Elementary, Galveston, TX


  • Research Study

    University of Florida Research Study The University of Florida will conduct a study on teacher wellness resulting from The Daily Mile beginning Fall 2024. You can participate by completing two short surveys (one before starting The Daily Mile, and one toward the end of the school year). Veteran teachers who are new to The Daily Mile are preferred, but all teachers interested in piloting The Daily Mile with their classrooms can request to join. This is a nationwide study open to all schools. If  you are interested in participating, learn more here and then  please email

    Earn 20 Extra Entries for participating in the study

  • Resources

    Resources Submit a written summary (or recoded video) about how your class or school uses any of The Daily Mile Social Emotional Learning Resources. Send it in along with a photo of students using the SEL Resource.

    Earn 5 Extra Entries per summary or video. 


    Daily Mile SEL Resources:

    -Kindness Calendar – Let’s make a world full of kindness! Encourage empathy, compassion, and compromise among your students or children with The Daily Mile Kindness Calendar. 📅

    -Class Banner – Motivate your whole class to do The Daily Mile together. Post these award banners each time the class achieves a Daily Mile goal.🏅

    -Class Reward Coupons – Encourage good decision making with coupons that reward good behavior. Includes 20 rewards that won’t cost you a cent! 🤩

    -Extra Mile Good Note Home – Is there a hard-to-reach student that needs to know you care? Was one being a good friend during The Daily Mile? This Extra Mile Note Home reinforces good behavior & improves self-esteem! 😀  Also available in Spanish.

    -Mood Meter – Help students learn to recognize & express emotions. Encourage conversations about feelings, reduce tension, and relieve stress in the classroom. 😀

    -Journal of Joy – Help students improve their self-esteem with activities. 🧠 Also available in Spanish

    -Class Bubble Poster – Let kids express their emotions on their way back in from The Daily Mile.

    Social Emotional Learning mood meter manage emotions


    Social Emotional Learning Good Note Home


    You’re also welcome to submit an idea for your own custom resource. The Daily Mile design team will create your resource and send you the digital file. Put it to use in your classroom and share photos with us!

  • School Newsletter/TV

    School Newsletter/TV Write a story about The Daily Mile and submit it in your school newspaper or school’s website. Or have students do a story on The Daily Mile that they share on their school broadcast system (ex: TV or Morning Announcements). Share a copy of the newsletter, newspaper, or broadcast with us for extra entries! Check out the example below from St. Michael Special School!

    Earn 5 Extra Entries per broadcast


  • Science

    Science Board Have your students showcase the benefits of The Daily Mile by creating a science board. Share your findings and submit a photo of the board.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries per project

    Example Questions:

    1. – Will doing The Daily Mile help us build lifelong healthy habits?
    2. – Can doing The Daily Mile with our teachers and classmates help us get to know each other better?
    3. – Does doing The Daily Mile  help us focus better in class?
    4. – Will doing The Daily Mile at school make us want to be more active outside of school too?
    5. – Does doing The Daily Mile as a class promote teamwork and cooperation?


  • Schedule

    Schedule Every school is unique, so when it comes to scheduling The Daily Mile, each class calendar might look a little bit different. The Daily Mile team values the opportunity to share how a diverse group of schools schedules this 15 minutes into their day.  Earn extra entries by sharing a copy of your school schedule that shows how you fit The Daily Mile into your school day.

    Earn 5 Extra Entries per schedule  



  • Social Media

    Social Media Post a photo/video to your school or districts’ social media platform of your students enjoying The Daily Mile. Be sure to tag @thedailymileusa.

    You may also Tag @thedailymileusa if you see our booth any professional conference in 2024! #DailyMile

    Our tentative 2024 Conference schedule includes:

    • Council for Exceptional Children – San Antonino, Texas
    • SHAPE National – Cleveland, Ohio
    • American School Counselors Association – Kansas City, Missouri
    • Get Your Teach On – Orlando, Florida
    • NAEYC – Anaheim, California


    # of Extra Entries Vary
    1-3 Posts: 1 Entry
    4-7 Posts: 3 Entries
    8+ Posts: 10 Entries
    Limit 10 Entries Per School 

  • Story

    Story Submit a written or video story about how The Daily Mile changed your school. Or provide a Daily Mile experience that really stood out to you.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries per story 

    Perhaps a teacher like Katie Muren (below) was able to connect with a hard-to-reach student …

    Or maybe there was a kid who was able to make more friend and enjoy coming to school more because of The Daily Mile (like Cameron Andrade’s student  … )


    Think of any story that would inspire others to do The Daily Mile. Or tell us how your school incorporates The Daily Mile into community initiatives, milestones, character building, etc., like these stories. Please send written stories in with a few photos. Video stories are welcome, too. Please see below for instructions on how to send large files.



  • Testimonials

    Testimonials Share your thoughts about The Daily Mile with us. Record a video testimonial and let us know about the positive changes you have noticed in your school. Tell us about the improvements in the social, emotional, mental and physical health you’ve seen in students. Talk about the increased focus in the class, and the overall positive impact on the school community. Let us know why you would recommend The Daily Mile to other schools.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries per video testimonial  

    You can also get testimonials from students. Ask them what they love most about The Daily Mile and share their responses.

  • Video Showcase

    Video ShowcaseCreate a compelling video that highlights both students and teachers doing The Daily Mile. Ask them to share their personal experiences and how The Daily Mile has transformed their connections with one another.

    Ask teachers to describe their most impactful Daily Mile moments. What experience has stuck with them the most and why? Ask students to share their thoughts on what they love most about The Daily Mile.

    Earn 10 Extra Entries per video showcase 


  • Something Else

    Something Else? Do you have a fresh idea on something you’d like to share with The Daily Mile? We encourage you to send an email to us at detailing what your proposal for content. We’ll gladly review and let you know if it qualifies for additional entries.

  • Sending Large Files

    The best way to send large files is through This is a free, online file-sharing service.

    1. Go to the site, click the blue “I agree” button
    2. Upload your file
    3. Put this email address in the “email to” line:
    4. Put your email address in the “your email” line
    5. Once you click “Transfer”, a confirmation code will be sent to your email. Be sure to copy that code to the WeTranfer site to complete the transfer
    6. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your file has been sent to us.

    Please email Jessie at with any questions. Thank you!