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Daily Mile School Resources

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. Together we are going to help kids live happier, healthier lives. Using the free resources below,  you can seamlessly incorporate The Daily Mile into your classroom & school culture.

  • Exclusive Member Resources

    New School Year Resources

    • Building a Class Community: This Back-to-School Resource helps your students build a positive classroom environment and better relationships more quickly through The Daily Mile.
    • Daily Mile Duo Cards: Daily Mile Teachers shared this awesome Duo Card idea! Pass out these cards and have each student do The Daily Mile with their matching duo card partner.
    • Time Capsule Activity: Celebrate the beginning and end of a school year with the Time Capsule Activity.
    • Daily Mile Signs: Thank you to Jennifer T in NYS for the amazing idea of some signs to help mark The Daily Mile loop. Get them here!
    • 21 Day Tracker: Develop The Daily Mile habit using the 21-Day Tracker to help make The Daily Mile part of your routine.
    • Class Evaluation: Evaluate the physical, mental, and emotional benefits to your students using the Class Evaluation. It’s all the proof you’ll need to continue doing The Daily Mile!
    • Where can I run? Classroom Poster: A gentle reminder can go a long way! This friendly and welcoming classroom poster encourages students to save running for designated times like recess, PE, and The Daily Mile. Keep kids safe with a positive and uplifting message.
    • Why our class does The Daily Mile Poster: Let your students know the why behind your daily 15-minute outdoor movement break with this colorful and fun poster.


    Classroom Resources

    • Classroom Reward Coupons: Rewarding students is fun and doesn’t have to cost teachers a thing with these Classroom Reward Coupons.
    • Friendly Notes: The Daily Mile is about building better relationships. Encourage kindness in your classroom with the Friendly Notes for students to give to their peers!
    • Classroom Jobs: Class jobs are a great way to keep students engaged in learning and promote responsibility. Bring the concept outside with these Daily Mile Classroom Jobs.
    • Behavior Observation Log: Identify students in need or distress so you can get them the help they need with this Behavior Observation Log.
    • Kindness Calendars: Encourage empathy, compassion, and compromise among students with volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3 of these kindness calendars.
    • The Extra Mile Good Note Home: Encouraging positive student behavior is essential for creating a productive and healthy learning environment. Incentivize students with good notes in English and Spanish that they can take home!


    End of School Year Resources

    • 100th Day of School: Celebrate the 100th Day of School with this printable 100 Days of School Activity Pack! Includes a coloring page, writing activity, make-a-crown, and certificate.
    • End of Year Journal: Give students a chance to reflect on their school year and capture their favorite memories with the End of Year Journal.


    Seasonal Activities

    • Moodboard: New to 2023 is The Daily Mile Moodboard! This fun activity helps students reflect on how being physically active can affect their overall mood.
    • Spring Worksheets: Have fun with The Daily Mile this spring with a scavenger hunt, word search, and coloring page. Get them here.
    • October Calendar: Have a scary-good time doing The Daily Mile with the spooky activities on this October Calendar.
    • Thanksgiving Calendar: countdown the last two weeks of school before the Thanksgiving holiday with this fun Daily Mile Calendar!
    • Winter Activities: Keep kids focused before the winter break with these printable Winter Worksheets.


    Miscellaneous Activities: 

    • Remote Learning Guide: eLearning/Remote Learning Guide  – This resource serves as a guide to keeping kids active during eLearning. Customize this eLearning guide with your school or district’s logo!


    Find more free resources at the Resource hub.


  • Social Media

    Social media is fun, easy, and free way to share how your school is actively participating in physical activity by doing The Daily Mile. To help start your social media sharing, please see the sample post ideas below for each platform. Be sure to share photos and videos, if available as well!

    Follow The Daily Mile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!


    Social Media Graphics
    Click on the following links to download and use these graphics for your social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Social Media Posts
    Copy/paste the content below for your social media posts.
    Facebook: Our school knows how important it is to keep students active, happy, and healthy. That’s why we are a #DailyMile school! @TheDailyMileUSA
    Twitter: Our school stays active with The #DailyMile. This free program improves the health and wellbeing of our students and teachers. @thedailymileUSA
    Instagram: The #DailyMile is part of our school day! Our students love spending time outside to walk, run, or jog. They enjoy the fresh air and return to class eager to learn. @thedailymileusa

    Get Social with The Daily Mile
    Download and share this flyer with your school’s social media manager to boost engagements and increase your school’s social media presence.



  • Parent and Faculty Communications

    Does your school have a parent or faculty newsletter? This is wonderful way to help parents and educators motivate their children/students to stay physically active. Copy and paste the descriptions below to include in your next newsletter!


    Article for Parent Newsletter

    We know how important it is to keep our students active and healthy. That is why our school participates in The Daily Mile. This free program allows students and their teachers to go outside for 15 minutes each school day to run, jog, walk, or roll. Students enjoy the fresh air. Teachers enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with their students. Our students return to class refocused and eager to learn. The time spent outdoors improves their physical and mental health, as well as their emotional wellbeing. We are proud to be a Daily Mile school! Learn more about The Daily Mile at

    Don’t forget to download the Letter to Parents – available in English and Spanish


    Article for Faculty Newsletter

    We know how important it is to keep our students active and healthy. That is why our school participates in The Daily Mile. This free program allows students and teachers to go outside for 15 minutes each school day to walk, run, or jog. Students enjoy the fresh air. Teachers enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with their students. Students return to class refocused and eager to learn.

    Teachers know when The Daily Mile works best for their class. Doing The Daily Mile every day gives the best results, but a minimum of three times a week still sees an impact. Consider doing The Daily Mile when students need to burn off excess energy, are having trouble focusing, or before difficult subject matters or lessons. The Daily Mile is the perfect time to reconnect with your students.

    Please continue to keep our students happy, active, and healthy by participating in The Daily Mile! And don’t forget to check out the free Classroom & Teacher Resources from The Daily Mile at There are many free instant download/printable resources that you can incorporate into your classroom like the My Daily Mile Journal of Joy, the Extra Mile Good Note Home, the 21-Day Tracker, and more. Thank you all for all you do to help children.

  • Press Release

    Press releases are designed to help generate local media coverage and highlight you school’s success with The Daily Mile. Press releases may communicate the reason for your school’s participation in The Daily Mile and the benefits the school has experienced as a result of the program.

    Please contact Daily Mile Program Manager Bill Russell at if you would like to develop a press release. You may also download and view a School Press Release SamplePlease note: this press release sample serves as a template only.

    We look forward to working with you!



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  • Logo Usage Guides

    We love seeing schools creating new and exciting resources that contain our brand. However, please note that “The Daily Mile” name and logo are both trademarked. This means before anything is printed, distributed, or shared online, it must be approved in writing by a member of The Daily Mile Foundation.

    If you would like to use our trademark, please contact us at

    For a brief overview, please see the Brand Guidelines Quick Facts sheet. Or, you may also download the complete Brand Guidelines here.